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For those comfortable with iphones, Be My Eyes is an app that connects blind people with volunteer helpers from around the world via live video chat. Download now and start helping blind people see.

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The Latest Pro-life News

Woman Didn't Get Proper Anesthesia Before Abortion, Woke Up Screaming Halfway Through

Once she was in the procedure room, she was administered 'laughing gas' and left alone. She had to hold the gas mask over her own mouth because it had no strap or any way to attach it to her head.

Once she began to relax, her arm dropped, the mask fell off her face, and the effects of the gas began to wear off.

She had to wait longer than she thought was right for abortionist Malana Moshesh to come in and begin her abortion procedure.

By then, the gas had worn off completely. Moshesh continued on with the abortion despite the fact that the woman had no pain relief whatsoever.

When the agony became unbearable, she began to scream.

Moshesh told her to be quiet and to cover her mouth with her hand so the other women waiting wouldn't hear her. She felt she had no choice but to comply....

Read the whole story here

New Pro-Life Sort Film Offers Unique View on the Reality of Abortion

'You have to do what's best for you,' an interrogator says in a room that looks like a police station.

With this opening, viewers are in for a surprise in this new pro-life short film, 'The Appointment - a mother's choice,' both directed and partly produced by filmmaker Brandon Rice.

We see the prisoner, bound in cuffs, behind the screen, but the interrogator says, 'What's in that room is irrelevant... The only significance he has is what you decide to give him.'

The words sound like a pro-abortion argument, but the film uses a twist that will cause viewers to see abortion in a new light. When it comes to controversial issues, it is often difficult to say something new which keeps people from tuning out. That's the power of this film; it makes people look at abortion differently. And that was the goal...

Read the story behind this film here.

Book provides poignant first-person look at Alzheimer's disease
Reviewed by Agostino Bono
Catholic News Service

'On Pluto: Inside the Mind of Alzheimer's' by Greg O'Brien. Codfish Press (Brewster, Mass.). 187 pp., $15.95.

A book about a man's agonizing descent into Alzheimer's disease could easily be steeped in negativity.

Tucked into O'Brien's narrative is a subtle, nonpolemical account of how faith nurtured in a large Irish-American Catholic family has helped three generations solidify to cope with the dementia in some of its members. 'We've got your back,' the younger generation often tells the elders.

O'Brien was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's when he was 61 and wrote the book while his memory still functioned, even if in slow-motion. He combines factual information about Alzheimer's with his practical experiences of living with the disease.

Read the whole review here

Cells transplanted from patient's own nose help paralyzed man walk
from National Right To Life

A 38-year-old Bulgarian man is believed to be the first person in the world to recover from a complete severing of the spinal nerves, thanks to a pioneering transplant treatment that took cells from his nose. Note: these are not embryonic stem cells, meaning no matter how amazing Darek Fidyka's recovery is, it will not receive the publicity it warrants.

Following 19 months of treatment, Fidyak can now walk with braces. He has been able 'to resume an independent life, even to the extent of driving a car, while sensation has returned to his lower limbs,' according to Reuters.

'We believe that this procedure is the breakthrough which, as it is further developed, will result in a historic change in the currently hopeless outlook for people disabled by spinal cord injury,' explained Geoff Raisman, chair of neural regeneration at University College London's Institute of Neurology, who led the British research team working on the joint project.

'What we've done is establish a principle - nerve fibers can grow back and restore function - provided we give them a bridge,' he told Agence France-Presse. 'To me, this is more impressive than a man walking on the moon.'

Read the whole story here

Pregnancy centers, not politics - the future of the pro-life movement

Amid the chilling dark chaos of a woman's unwanted and unexpected pregnancy, a group of pro-life Catholics try to be a light to both the mother and the unborn child.

Their mission is in an unassuming plot in a modest town well outside the sprawling Washington, D.C. suburbs. Not much car traffic passes through town other than tourists on their way to see the mountain leaves turn every October.

Seventy miles outside the nation's capital in northern Virginia, there is no national pro-life headquarters, army of lobbyists, or melodramatic political battle being waged. The Front Royal Pregnancy Center is simply part of a national chain of crisis pregnancy centers, 'the real future of the pro-life movement,' as board member Mary Brand put it.

And this future is carried out in a drab brick building on South Royal Avenue, ministering to pregnant women from town and from the surrounding area. Walk through the door, however, and one will meet a disarmingly festive atmosphere. Decorations festoon the ceiling and walls. A joyful, peaceful intoxication pervades the place.

'Its liberating to work in a place like this where every life is precious. Every life is important. Planned or unplanned,' said head nurse Rosemary Antunes, RN.

If there's any gravitas over a battle for the life of an unborn child, the volunteers aren't showing it. There's no grim reminder of what's at stake, no guilt-trip ready for an anxious mother who is not sure what to do with her baby. The focus here is simply on the goodness of life and the Gospel.

Read the whole story here

Pro-Life Student Saves Her Own Sibling, Her Mom Had Abortion Appointment The Next Day

Sometimes, the baby you save might be your own sibling.

Preparing for the 10th anniversary of the Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity on Oct. 21, Priests for Life Youth Outreach Director Bryan Kemper received an email from a young woman who took part in the silent protest last year.

'One young student e-mailed me about when she participated in the Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity for the first time, and was excited to get to school and be a voice,' Kemper said. 'She walked downstairs with the LIFE tape on her mouth and her mother asked her what she was doing.

'She took off the tape to explain she was taking a stand for those being killed by abortion every day in this country. She was shocked when her mother started crying. Her mother then explained how she was pregnant and had an appointment for an abortion the next day. They talked for a while and her mother changed her mind and kept her baby.'

For the day, or even a portion of the day, student groups, individuals, businesses and ministries take a vow of silence, and pass out informational fliers to anyone who asks what they're doing.

'Not everyone who pledges to give up their voice for a day in solidarity with the unborn will see such a tangible result as the girl who saved her own sibling from abortion, but we know that hearts and minds are changed and awareness is raised about the truth about abortion,' Kemper said. 'And the truth is, we do hear from a fair number of participants that abortion-minded women and girls do approach them to ask for help. This is a very powerful thing that everyone can do.'

To find out more information, find resources on how to make the day a success and to register, go to Kemper asks participants to spread word of the day on all their social media outlets.

Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, challenged people of all ages to get involved with the Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity: 'Are you willing to give up your voice for a day for those who will never have a voice,' he asked. 'Can you do it for the least of our brothers and sisters?'

'I wish I could have prevented my girlfriend's abortion' The decision to have an abortion can have a devastating effect on men when they would prefer their partner to continue a pregnancy, writes Tony Perry of the London Telegraph

' It (abortion) is also a choice that has an impact on men as well as women, even though the media rarely presents the experience of abortion from a male point of view. Perhaps the general assumption is that abortion doesn't really affect men. Perhaps I would have shared that assumption had I not lived through it myself.'

Read the whole story here

She Was Going to 'Get Rid of the Problem' With an Abortion, Then Someone Helped Her

Kathy was scared and confused the day she came to the Pregnancy Resource Center of the South Hills searching for help regarding her unplanned pregnancy. Thoughts swirled through her head - about her father who had abandoned her - her mother who struggled to put food on the table - her grandparents who were already burdened with their own financial challenges. How disappointed they all would be in her.

The first search result for abortion-related terms led Kathy to the Online for Life helpline number. Online for Life uses the Internet to connect with abortion-determined women and help guide them to the Pregnancy Resource Center of the South Hills, which is a division of Online for Life, and other participating life-affirming pregnancy centers. Kathy dialed the number, and what happened next changed everything...

Read the whole story at

How Can They Do That?
There is a temptation to see abortion workers in black and white. Many of them are motivated by sincere, if midirected, compassion. It helps to hear the humanity of the other side. Here is a predentation from a former Planned Parenthood counselor. You can see more personal stories here.


Ohio diocese discourages ALS ice bucket challenge

CINCINNATI (AP) - A Roman Catholic diocese in Ohio is discouraging its 113 schools from participating in the ice bucket challenge to benefit the ALS Association, saying the group's funding of embryonic stem cell research is 'in direct conflict with Catholic teaching.'

Jim Rigg, superintendent of Catholic schools for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, told the schools in a letter Tuesday to 'immediately cease' any plans to raise funds for the association and to instead direct donations to another organization that combats ALS, a progressive neurodegenerative disease also known as Lou Gehrig's disease that causes paralysis and almost certain death.

The Catholic Church relates the use of embryonic stem cells in research to abortion and says it violates the sanctity of human life. The use of adult stem cells in research is not forbidden by Catholic teaching.

'We certainly appreciate the compassion that has caused people all over the country, certainly including many Catholics, to be interacting and engaging in a fun way to support ALS research,' diocese spokesman Dan Andriacco said Thursday. 'But it's a well-established moral principle that not only the ends be good, but the means must be good, too.'

Read more here

Thomas Wenski(Archbishop of Miami): 'Marriage equality' bodes ill
from the Tallahassee Democrat

Judges in Monroe, Miami-Dade, Broward and now Palm Beach counties have ruled that the amendment to the Florida Constitution passed in 2008 defending traditional marriage is 'unconstitutional.'

These exercises of raw judicial activism have been stayed pending appeal. Yet, in light of these rulings, self-appointed 'progressive' elites - including the presumptive Democratic candidate for governor - are telling the majority of Florida citizens, along with millions of Americans who still support marriage as it has been understood for millennia, as a union of one man and one woman, 'to get with the program.' Those who characterize themselves as proponents of tolerance will not tolerate their fellow citizens who oppose both the erosion of democratic self-government by aggressively activist judges legislating from the bench, and the further erosion of their freedoms of conscience and religion.

Those who promote same-sex 'marriage' in effect wish to consolidate the hollow victories of the 'sexual revolution.' To promote what they deem 'marriage equality,' the understanding of marriage as a conjugal union of a male and a female, in a permanent and exclusive commitment, conducive to welcoming and raising the children born from such a union, must be 'deconstructed' and 'redefined.' In much the same way that abortion and 'safe sex' are promoted to protect one from the inevitable consequences of sexual activity, seen now as merely a 'recreational activity' without any moral significance, the advocacy of same-sex 'marriage' renders the idea of all marriages meaningless.

Indeed, the argument that allowing same-sex partners to marry is about 'marriage equality' is fallacious: Enacting same-sex marriage does not expand the institution of marriage to a once 'excluded' class; rather it reduces marriage to being just about the emotional gratification of two - and why just two? - people.

Such a redefinition defies the true nature of marriage as a comprehensive 'two-in-one-flesh' union capable of uniting children with their mothers and fathers, a union that only a man and a woman are biologically capable of forming.

Common sense - increasingly uncommon today - understands traditional marriage between one man and one woman as a natural fact rooted in procreation and sexual difference. As Abraham Lincoln famously said: 'If you call a tail a leg, then how many legs does a cow have? Four, because calling a tail a leg doesn't make it one.' He understood better than many people today the relationship between truth and reality.

'Marriage equality' today is the 'poster child' of those who hold for a radical autonomy that believes that anyone can essentially create his or her reality by one's individual will without reference to the truth of things. An individual who would believe that he could, by the force of his will, defy gravity is setting himself up for a disastrous fall. Likewise, society invites disaster if it pursues the folly of 'calling a tail a leg' by redefining marriage.

To impose same-sex 'marriage' would open up a Pandora's Box of unintended consequences that bode ill for the advancement of the common good and human flourishing in all of society.

Families need to be built upon more solid foundations than emotional and or sexual gratification. Children deserve to be raised by the mom and dad who procreated them and who, with disinterested and sacrificial love, commit themselves as man and woman to a mutual and exclusive relationship that will provide them with stable and nurturing homes.

Another House of Horrors In Philly?

Recently the results of inspections [PDF] conducted recently at the Philadelphia Women's Center (PWC) abortion facility were released, and like so many other abortion clinic inspections, they really throw a spanner in the works of the 'pro-choice' movement's claims that heightened oversight of abortion clinics is 'onerous' and 'unnecessary.'

In order to give the appearance of complying with the law, PWC used photocopied signatures of the physician on the consent forms, and state inspectors caught them.

On January 30, 2014, PWC passed its annual registration inspection, but did not pass its full State Licensure survey. Narcotics were being stored with other medications, not under double lock and key as is required by law. Aside from being improperly stored, narcotics and other medications were expired, yet still available for patient use.

1.The crash cart was parked in the hall and unlocked, allowing for the unauthorized use of essential emergency medicines;
2.The cleaning bucket and chemicals were stored in the patient recovery room next to the clean linens; and
3.The recovery room had holes in the ceiling, stains, and peeling paint.

Is that what any patient would like to stare at after an operation?

Read the full story here

Invest in Victory...

In the midst of all that our team is fighting for on campuses right now, sometimes we have to stop and remind ourselves what victory looks like...a precious baby boy.

After viewing this short video, I hope you will consider investing in Students for Life's ground-breaking Pregnant on Campus and Regional Coordinator programs at SFLA, which are creating real change on campuses across the nation and saving moms and babies from the tragedy of abortion.

This 12 Year Old gets it!

Lia Mills is a student pro-life activist who surprised her class with a moving speech on abortion that is so good it's gone viral on the Internet.

'My daughter prepared and delivered this speech for her grade 7 class. Even those who didn't agree with her loved it,' he mother says in a note accompanying the video on YouTube.

Lia, who is now 17, has since blossomed into an articulate pro-life advocate, penning an article taking on euthanasia that ran at LifeNews last year and was very well-received.

Here is how she describes herself on her Twitter account: 'Lover of Jesus. Daughter of the Most High. Human Rights Activist. Public Speaker. Pro-life. Survivor. Revivalist. Nation shaker. World changer.'

Judge for yourself here.

Medicine Without Mercy
by Stepnen Brown at American Thinker 3/23/2014

In October, 1939, Adolf Hitler signed an authorization on his own personal stationery allowing German doctors to murder ill and physically and mentally handicapped children. This authorization launched the infamous Nazi euthanasia program T-4 (for Tiergarten 4, tthe office address) in which several hundred thousand disabled minors and grownups, classified as 'leben lebensunwert' (life unworthy of life), were killed simply because of the way they were born. Their murder was the beginning of the Nazi genocide and was to be followed by the Jewish Holocaust. More than seven decades later, modern-day Belgium is reviving the Nazi nightmare of state-sponsored child murder and has even gone Hitler one better.

In another major, destructive blow to Western civilization's Judeo-Christian moral order, and one that represents a steep plunge downwards toward another holocaust of its own making, Belgium's King Philippe signed into law early in March a bill allowing euthanasia for children and dementia sufferers upon request. It is this inclusion of children, however, and the barbarism of permitting them to request their own deaths, that the legislation's opponents most deplore.

Read the complete story here

Former Planned Parenthood worker: 'It was a money-grubbing, evil, very sad, sad place to work'
by Kirsten Anderson at LifeSiteNews 2/14/2014

A Roman Catholic former Planned Parenthood worker has opened up to her diocesan newspaper in a gripping tell-all interview, saying she was shocked at the horrors she witnessed during the two years she worked in Indiana's largest abortion facility.

Marianne Anderson is a nurse who assisted Planned Parenthood abortionists by partially sedating women who paid extra for that luxury. She told The Criterion newspaper that she saw many women pressured into abortions they did not want, including minor girls.

'One young girl came in with her mom,' Anderson told the paper. 'She was about 16. Her mom had made the appointment. That's not supposed to be how it works. It's supposed to only be the patient who makes the appointment. I checked her in, and she thought she was there for a prenatal checkup. The mom was pushing it. She blindsided her own daughter.'

Another time, said Anderson, 'This guy brought in a Korean girl. I had no doubt in my mind this girl was a sex slave. This guy would not leave her side. They could barely communicate. He wanted to make all the arrangements. During the ultrasound, she told one of the nurses that there were lots of girls in the house, and that the man hits them. She never came back for the abortion. I always wondered what happened to her. One of my co-workers said, 'You're better off to just let it go.''

Read the complete story here

Lily's Gift Helps Ease The Pain When A New Baby's Diagnosis Is Grim

A new ministry of the Philadelphia Archdiocese, a collaboration of pastoral care, pro-life and social service workers, helps parents who decide not to abort their baby who receives a poor prenatal diagnosis. Volunteers counsel and support families during and after the baby's birth and natural death.

Lily's Gift, a pastoral initiative named for the flowers of Scripture and an infant who never took her first breath, offers support to parents who receive poor prenatal diagnoses (PPD) including a variety of conditions such as genetic syndromes, heart problems and spina bifida.

The organization was conceived last fall and is modeled after Be Not Afraid, a private non-profit corporation that supports families who receive a PPD and trains local organizations to do the same. The Archdiocese of Philadelphia's Office for Persons with Disabilities, Office for Life and Family and Catholic Social Services are partnering in this ministry.

Lily's Gift offers a free service focusing on meeting the needs of expectant parents who have received a PPD by connecting them with trained volunteer peer ministers and professionals. They provide care with birth plans, referrals to community support systems, compassionate guidance through anticipated grief, neonatal and stillbirth care, and medical decision making.

Learn more at:

Baby's first breath: Breathtakingly intimate pictures capture the miracle of birth and the first seconds of life in all their raw glory

A photographer has captured the wondrous, miraculous moment of birth - in all its raw and unglamourised glory.

Taken before a mother has seen her baby for the first time these amazing photographs show the reality of how we all (Even our Lord) entered this world.

The warts and all pictures are the work of respected Danish photographer Suste Bonnen who was given unprecedented access to mothers while they were in labour.

See the entire article at: The UK Daily Mail

New Abortion Mill Opening Right In Our Backyard

According to the ProLife Union, notorious abortionist Steven Brigham is opening a new abortion mill on Bustleton Ave. in the pink office building next to Firestone near Grant. There will be a public prayer and protest this Wednesday(11/27) at 11am.

Steve Brigham has been barred from medical practice in Pennsylvania, but it seems he's returning to Philadelphia-and that the Pennsylvania Department of Health is happy to let him despite his decades-long record of Kermit Gosnell-style abortion practices. Even the New York Times covered Bringham earlier this year, spotlighting his tragic record that have left girls in emergency rooms. What are the facts?

-Steve Brigham's 'Integrity Family Health' was granted a license by PA's Department of Health on Sept. 11, 2013.
-Integrity Family Health is already in violation of the Abortion Control Act, which requires counseling before abortion. Integrity providing 'counseling' via pre-recorded message.
-Steve Brigham has a lengthy and sordid record of malpractice and criminal activity. He has lost or surrendered his medical license in five states.
-In 2012, the PA Department of Health wrote that it 'has long witnessed a chronic inability to comply - even with the most basic requirements of the law established to assure the health and safety of patients.'

We don't deserve another Gosnell. Join the Pro-Life Union in urging Michael Wolf, Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Health, to ensure Philadelphia doesn't allow Brigham or any clinic connected to him in our city.

To sign a petition against this new horror coming to our neighborhood, go here

UPDATE 11/27 - Great news! The new abortion mill on Bustleton Ave. - Integrity Family Health - slated to open today has already been shut down. The state Dept. of Health gave them a license, but somebody got to Governor Corbett.

As soon as he heard about it, he got it shut down. They are officially out of the abortion business on Friday.

Instead of prayer and protest, we had a prayer of thanksgiving. One more thing to be thankful for tomorrow.

Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic Closes in Texas as Real Women's Clinic Takes Over
from (11/8/13)

A Planned Parenthood abortion business is closing up shop in Lubbock, Texas as a women's clinic that actually offers women legitimate health care is taking over.

Lubbock's abortion clinic at 67th Street and Indiana Avenue has been taken over by a non-profit group called Generation Healthcare and will no longer offer abortions.

In response to questions from, Generation Healthcare said, 'Upon the completion of the transfer of all assets to Generation Healthcare, Planned Parenthood will no longer exist in Lubbock Texas.'

Generation Healthcare, a division of Generation Covenant, announced they will begin providing comprehensive health services to women across the South Plains. The announcement comes on the heels of the Lubbock-based nonprofit group's recent acquisition of two properties formerly owned by Planned Parenthood.

'Our mission is to make certain that preventive screenings and routine health care services are available to all women,' said Generation Healthcare CEO Merinda K. Condra.

Read more here

Christian Alternatives to Obamacare

The moral challenges of abortion coverage, birth-control mandates and medical rationing posed by the ACA have prompted many to look at alternatives to the insurance system. The ACA carved out an exception that allowed medical cost-sharing cooperatives to fulfill the law's insurance requirements.

Three major Christian medical-sharing ministries are Samaritan Ministries, Christian Medi-Share and Christian Healthcare Ministries, and each has its own way of helping families meet their health-care needs, sharing in their burdens and praying for one another.

At Samaritan Ministries, the largest Christian health-care sharing ministry, members share the burden of costs for needs over $300. Each member commits to sending a set 'share' amount each month based on household size. These 'share' amounts are matched through Samaritan's database to a household in need and then are sent directly to that household to pay medical bills.

Christian Medi-Share has a variety of sharing options with monthly fees that vary based on what it calls the Annual Household Portion (AHP), the dollar amount that a family will be responsible for, before it can publish its medical bills for sharing. So a household with an AHP level of $1,250 would pay its annual medical bills up to $1,250. After that, all other household medical bills up to $1 million for the entire year are then shared among its membership.

Christian Healthcare Ministries has three sharing plans: gold, silver and bronze. The gold plan has a higher monthly participation fee, but the amount of personal responsibility for bills is lower, and the number of eligible bills for sharing (including maternity) is greater. Bronze has the lowest monthly cost, but a person in that plan only submits bills for inpatient and outpatient hospital treatments and surgery.

James Lansberry, executive director of Samaritan Ministries, said the ACA has made sharing ministries like Samaritan more widely known, and the company has seen a lot of growth from people looking for an alternative to health insurance that fits their practice of faith.

Read more here

The Surprising Ingredient To Creating A Pro-Life Culture
An insightful and important look at the mindset behind so many decisions to abort, by Tristyn Bloom. The entire article (from The is reprinted here:

I want to try and get at what the actual problem is here, because I don't think it's that we don't have sufficiently compelling apologetics. I don't think it's that we don't do a rigorous enough job of getting our message out there. I don't think it's that people can't conceive of something they can't see as human. I think the actual problem here, I think the reason people continue to defend abortion is because, essentially, of existential terror: fear of what will happen when something unexpected, uninvited, unplanned bursts into our lives demanding action. I think that is a crippling psychological problem that doesn't even rise to the level of morality, that we can't just tell people to suck up and get over.

We often hear that a problem with young people today is that we are irresponsible. We don't have a sense of duty. We don't have a sense of order. We're immature. I think that the problem is actually the opposite.

We are pathologically terrified of risk and enslaved to our own ideas of respectability

I think that we are pathologically terrified of risk and I think that we have this enslavement to our own ideas of respectability, our own ideas of our life plan, our commitments, our existing duties such that something as radically changing as a new life doesn't fit in with those existing duties. To accept that life would be the irresponsible choice, and that's the framework from which a lot of people are operating. They see themselves as accepting consequences, as responsible. They have a semblance of a moral framework and we can't ignore that just because it's completely the opposite of our own. And this isn't just about whether or not you accept a child. I think that we are so enslaved to a plan, and a routine, and a vision of our lives, we can't embrace the unsettledness, openness, flexibility, and folly it takes to have an actually pro-life culture in every instance.

If you look at even the language used - 'unplanned pregnancy' because that is the strange case. The normal case is the planned pregnancy. And this is understandable in two ways. One, it's a concession to comfort and the economy of family. Not everyone in the pro-life movement is against contraception, for example. But the other, I think, is a psychological necessity because two, in a certain sense we are very unwilling to admit that we are all essentially accidents.

Especially for secular people, or people with different theological assumptions, that is what the creation of life kind of amounts to. Scientific materialism seems to force us to admit this. And I feel that on some level modern parents compensate for this meaninglessness by investing their child with meaning through planning. You were chosen. You were fated. You were designated. They are compensating for the meaninglessness of the way conception happens by choosing it on their own and by actively bestowing that significance upon them. We are the little gods of our own children. And we extend this to everything in our lives. In our education. Where we live. What we do. How we eat. Everything imbued with meaning by the fact of being chosen. And these choices, in turn, define us back to ourselves.

So, when we have something unchosen, unplanned, uninvited, it's a direct attack against the very core of our being. And that's why I started out with existential terror. It is a violent feeling thing and when confronted with the possibility of such a rupture in our lives it becomes this monstrous, almost apocalyptic force and that's very mistaken. It's a cowardice inbred in this way of thinking about life. I had a somewhat similar experience. I got kicked out of Yale in 2010. It's actually not an exciting story, so I won't bore you with it. But, you know, young undergraduate Ivy League student, first generation college student gets kicked out, that's a terrifying experience. It seems like it's going to be life ending. It seems like it's going to be damning. It seems like it's going to be apocalyptic. But then, of course, as many here know, apocalypse doesn't mean destruction, it means uncovering.

And so I think that these little apocalypses in our lives, whether they come in the form of an unplanned pregnancy or some other risk that we are called to take in the course of our lives, reveal the insignificance of all these other forces that we are shielding ourselves with - their fragility, their utter shallow importance in the grand scheme of things - but also the incredible, radical, bigness of life all around us. We do need limitations, we do need structure. We can't wrap our heads around just how big and insane life can be. We need to render life intelligible in some way, but we can't so utterly depend on these relatively insignificant duties and commitments that we sacrifice joy, and spontaneity, and life itself, to maintain the fiction that life is a small as we've told ourselves it is.

We have this idea that the word 'risk' is inherently bad. If someone is risky that is a bad person, which makes absolutely no sense to me because, To settle back in a slightly Christian mode, certainly Christians are not people who live their lives avoiding risk. They are not the responsible, safe people who are doing sensible things. The best Christians look like madmen in many senses, and they are plenty of secular examples of this, too.

We need to get over this bourgeois bohemian obsession with order and plans, and open ourselves up to risk in many ways.

Zorba the Greek, which is one of my favorite novels, is full of stories of this, about how fully and vibrantly one can embrace life when one runs off and has a wild adventure. Zorba himself has this quote 'Life means undoing your pants and looking for trouble.' Which in the context of this conference sounds like a terrible pun, but I think that essentially what this means on a practical level is that we need to get over this bourgeois bohemian obsession with order and plans, and open ourselves up to risk in many ways. Not just when it comes to contraception and conceiving a child.

I am probably more libertarian than most people in this room and something that we do in our camp is encourage the young people to sort of break small laws once in a while, just so they go and overcome this terror of the government and so they actually have to confront the choices that they are making and which laws they need to follow and which ones are kind of nonsensical. So they can think critically about their environment.

I think that a similar thing here is conditioning ourselves to be welcoming of risk, and welcoming of interruptions to our plans, and not taking our plans very seriously to begin with. This can obviously be taken to stupid extremes, which is why this isn't really a system, but sort of an attitude adjustment. So, yeah, basically I think it's important, I think when we talk about a pro-life culture I actually think in some ways that does mean a pro-risk, pro-flexibility culture.

Teen pregnancy drops as Planned Parenthood vanishes
from (10/12/13)

Communities looking to reduce their teen pregnancy rates perhaps should consider one move before all the others: closing down any Planned Parenthood business.

That's because a new study of one region of the country shows that as Planned Parenthood operations shut down and moved out, the teen pregnancy rate plunged by almost half.

The study comes from the pro-life American Life League, but it uses government figures to reach its conclusions. It analyzed one section of the nation - the Texas Panhandle region - where over the course of several years 19 Planned Parenthood businesses closed or left.

The result? Teen pregnancies dropped from 43.6 per 1,000 girls to 24.1 among a stable population of about 13,000 teen girls aged 13-17.

Read the complete story here.

Repentant Abortionist Lays His Surgical Instruments At The Feet Of The Pope
from ProLife.Org.Uk (9/26/13)

On September 20th, during a Papal Audience, a man drew close to Pope Francis, carrying with him a somewhat suspicious looking bag. Inside were half a dozen surgical instruments of various types and sizes which he, Dr Antonio Oriente from Messina, ex-abortion gynaecologist, wanted to deliver at all costs to the Holy Father.

This luggage had already created problems as he boarded the plane from Palermo. He then became the central protagonist in an event, that despite being unscheduled on the programme of the Mater Care International Conference in Rome had an enormous symbolic impact on the participants.

These were the surgical instruments which, until 1986, Dr Oriente had used to break apart tiny developing human lives before they had a chance to be born; scalpels and forceps used by him, before his conversion, before he had embraced with courage and conviction the pro-life pathway.

Dr Oriente is now vice-President of the Italian Association of Catholic Gynaecologists and Obstetricians.

How to Communicate to a Friend Considering an Abortion
by Stephanie Gray from (9/16/13)

'I'm pregnant, and I want an abortion.'

How should one react when a friend says those words?

My colleagues and I are routinely (and as recently as the day I write this) contacted by friends (and strangers!) who have friends who are considering abortion. 'What should I do?' they ask. 'What should I say?' they wonder.

Their concern is the well-being of their friend and her pre-born child; they don't want her to go ahead with the abortion, but they come to us because they recognize a noble desire, while necessary, is not sufficient to save a life. How do they actually achieve their mind-changing goal? They follow these four steps:

1.Seek to Understand
2.Support Her
3.Inform Her
4.Be Unwavering

Let's look at each in more detail, with practical tools to get the message out:

Read the complete story here.

Seven Moms Who Rejected Abortion, Chose Life in Risky Birth Situations
by Steven Ertelt from (9/11/13)

The pro-life movement has actively engaged in promoting pro-life lists at the popular Buzzfeed social media web site. Joining the National Right to Life Committee in bringing the pro-life message to its community forum today is Live Action.

Lila Rose"s organization posted a list of seven moms who either rejected abortion or courageously chose life in risky birth situations.

'Nailed it! With the help of their awesome moms, these awesome babies blew raspberries at death,' Live Action said.

It's Buzzfeed list follows:

7. Even without Uterine Lining, Mom Delivers Her Baby Unscathed

Without a uterine lining, babies in the womb don't have anything to grab onto. This makes their lives extremely dangerous from the get-go.

But Paula Rivett wasn't having any of that; lining or not, she was going to fight for her baby. And little Lennon clearly takes after his mom: he latched onto a muscle in his mother's womb and held tight until his birthday.

Read about all 7 of these brave women here.

42nd Abortion Clinic Closed This Year!
by Cheryl Sullenger from (8/1/13)

This is the 42nd abortion clinic to close nationally in 2013. Clinic safety regulations have contributed to many of the closings. This number far eclipses the 24 abortion clinics that closed in 2012. Since 1991, over 70% of all abortion clinics in the U.S. have closed.

Read the complete story here.

Former Gosnell Abortion Worker is Finding God, Becoming Pro-Life
from (7/16/13)

The former employee of the late-term abortion clinic Kermit Gosnell ran saw the worst of the worst in the abortion industry.

From dilapidated conditions, to late-term abortions and from infanticide of babies born alive to the killing and injuring of patients, the employees at the Philadelphia-based abortion business likely have a significant amount of emotional distress and mental and spiritual health issues they are dealing with now.

But Abby Johnson, herself a former director of a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic who is now a Christian and pro-life, says a former Gosnell worker is rediscovering a relationship with God and may be converting to the pro-life perspective.

"For many months, we have been praying for Kermit Gosnell and all of the men and women who worked in his facility. We prayed for them by name. We reached out to them many times. We had not received any response util last week, " Johnson says.

The found of the pro-life ministry And Then There Were None, which reaches out to current and former abortion clinic workers, adds: "We are so excited to tell you that we are now working with one of Gosnell's former workers! We are not giving out personal information at this time, but we wanted all of you to know so you can be praying."

About the specific Gosnell employee, Johnson says: "We know that her road to healing will be a long one. Many in the pro-life movement will reject her because of her work in Gosnell's clinic. But we are certain that God is thrilled that one of His children has come back to Him, and we know all of you are, too!"

"I wanted to share something with you that she told me when we first talked," Johnson continues. "She said, "When the police came to arrest me, I was filled with a peace that I had never experienced before. I knew that it was over. I knew that I no longer had to work with that man ever again. I knew I would finally be free." This woman has been on a long journey out of Gosnell's clinic, rediscovering Christ, now working with us."

"We are asking that you pray for this woman. Please pray for her family. She is eager to share her story with the pro-life community, and I can tell you that it is a beautiful story of redemption. We will continue to keep you updated," Johnson concludes.

Johnson's update comes a day after another former Gosnell employee, who worked at the House of Horrors abortion clinic was sentenced to house arrest.

Doctor Who Did 1,200 Abortions Tells Congress to Ban Them

Dr. Anthony Levatino is a pro-life physician from New Mexico but, before having a change of heart on the issue of abortion he was an OBGYN who also performed abortions.

Levatino did as many as 1,200 abortions - some of them after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Then, after his daughter died in a tragic automobile accident, he re-evaluated his position on abortion and stopped doing abortions.

On May 23rd, Dr. Levatino told members of a Congressional committee that they should support a bill sponsored by Rep. Trent Franks that would ban abortions nationwide aft 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Douglas Karpen,Texas abortionist, twisted heads off living babies, say nurses

Houston, TX - After the conviction of late-term abortionist Kermit Gosnell on murder charges, Operation Rescue has been repeatedly asked if there is any evidence that similar practices exist at abortion clinics elsewhere in the nation. That documentation has now been released

The three informants, Deborah Edge, Gigi Aguliar, and Krystal Rodriguez, have come forward to tell of their horrific experiences working for abortionist Douglas Karpen, at one of three of his Texas abortion clinics, the Aaron Women's Clinic in Houston. A fourth informant has co-operated with Operation Rescue, filing an affidavit about her experiences, but remains at this time anonymous.

The video interview of the three informants verified the worst.

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Maternity BVM's Respect Life Committee

In keeping with the consistent teaching of the universal Church, our committee exists to promote the respect of all human life from conception to natural death.

We do this by:
- Prayer, both individual and as a group, at home, in church, and in front of abortion mills.

- Raising money and collecting supplies for crisis pregnancy centers and maternity homes to provide practical help, so women can really have a chance to choose life.

- Maintaining this website and distributing pro-life literature.

- Co-operating with other local pasishes in the SE Pa. Pro-Life Union.

Our meetings are every other month and are announced in the parish bulletin. We welcome your ideas, your faith, and your enthusiasm, and invite you to attend.

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